Dylan's Letter

Dear Dylan,

The greatest adversity you’ve faced recently was finding your team down by a few runs late in a game.

That game just changed.
You were diagnosed with melanoma. Everything that once mattered to you…your image…the constant people pleasing…working a 9-5 to get ahead, now carries no weight.

While your friends are focused on that next promotion, engagement, baby and house, your sole focus will be finishing a meal and making it to tomorrow.

Your circle will shrink. Yet the bonds that remain will become stronger than ever. Nothing is stronger than a band of brothers. There will be no more bickering or fighting; we’ve been attacked and are now united as one.

Energy will be your language.

Not only will you get in tune with your own body, but you’ll sense the energy others bring. Lukewarm and indifference will become the enemy. Burning the boats will be required. Positive energy only.

Belief will become the most important word in the English language.

Less than 15% chance will soon mean possibility.

You’ll have to convince your biggest supporters, that you’re not going down—PERIOD.

You won’t always know the how.
Show up anyway.
You won’t always know the why.
Show up anyway.
It won’t always be pretty.
Show up anyway.
This road won’t be easy, but it will be the greatest gift you’ll ever receive.

With Love,


Dylan is a melanoma survivor


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