Julia's Letter

Dear Julia,

Upon hearing you have cancer, you’ll rush through a stream of thoughts: I should have seen the Great Wall of China, adopted a rescue dog, hugged more, laughed more, lived with more passion! I’m not ready to stop living!

You and your friends decide to drive to a place you all love—a nearby botanical garden. The majesty of nature feels soothing; a sort of buffer against the horror. The plants and trees emanate life. Go ahead and let their energy embrace you.

That afternoon in the garden will be your first step in separating yourself from cancer. One of your friends is right when she sums it up: “Honey, cancer is something your body is experiencing. Cancer isn’t you.”

Make huge commitments to yourself. Like when your childhood friend, who calls herself the “Jedi of Calm,” offers to give you daily breathing sessions, take her up on it.

You love to read so get carried away in well-written novels. It will feel like a vacation for your emotions.

Just do your best—whatever that means at the moment. In the long run, that’s how you will experience peace and wholeness.

With Love,


Julia is a head & neck cancer survivor


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