Taylor's Letter

Dear Taylor,

It doesn’t make sense. How can a former Division I athlete that never smoked get lung cancer? You just started dating a guy! Talk about not great timing.

Your life just changed significantly and even though you don’t look physically sick, you are. Make sure your friends and family understand the severity of your diagnosis and set boundaries around what you will and will not talk about. When you’re scared, show it. When you feel badly, say it. Don’t lose hope.

Develop a thick skin and come up with clever things to say when people ask “did you smoke?” Remind your friends and family that even though the situation is harsh, it doesn’t have to consume you or them.

It’s okay to have a life! Enjoy the things that bring you joy. Everyone processes a diagnosis differently, and there is no right or wrong way to do this. Want to pull the “cancer card?” Pull it anytime you want.

Look for the “gifts” from your new diagnosis—maybe it’s that you get to slow down, or that you now appreciate the small things that you used to overlook. And that nicest guy in the world? Don’t doubt God’s timing. That guy will stand by your side, coach you through your recovery and one day he will become your husband.

With Love,


Taylor is a lung cancer survivor


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